The Lord your go be with you wherever you go. JOSHUA
Kabelle Baechgr
Journalist from France
We have very holy to drive with Raja ( JV Travels in Madurai ) Several  Years in a row. He Know Chettinad in details and the Count cautione and courteous driver efficiencies in india.

7,Erglande Hewide France
75015 Paris,
Oona a Emol Durbach
Mr.raja in a very safe and reliable driver. He knows the Tamilnadu sites well and Provides excellent services.

1934 V136th Avenue,
Vancouver, Canada.
Robert Wathaue Mahe
Thankyou Mr.Raja we enjoys referring this trip with you you won the “Price of Excellence”

Merci Bean Conp
09 Avenue, JJ Garciw,
13260 Cassis

Dasie. Artrid Dubois,

Madurai  JV Travels, Thank you so much raja for being such a thurstful and good driver, As soon as we are back to Kerala or Tamilnadu. We would love to use your service again. Looking forward to our relationship.

Place Leemans 14,b21
B-105 Brussels Belgium,
Uebnque racquaise, 1 Avenue Junot,
F-75018 Paris, France.
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